Bailey Hayden | Photography
Bailey Hayden | Photography
Bailey Hayden | Photography

My love affair with film began when I was seven with Star Wars. My mother often reminds me of the nights I cried myself asleep wishing I had a robot arm after watching Star Wars. As an only child for the first nine years, my time was well spent reading and making home movies on my trusty late 90’s JVC camcorder.


This desire introduced me to acting, where I have been lucky to find good work on TV and perform on stage with Druid Theatre at 16. During transition year I was lucky to find work experience with a brilliant photographer named Mark O’Sullivan.


Once I finished school, I had to decide between studying acting, film or photography. Since I had zero professional experience behind the camera, I opted for an intense film production course where I refined my camera skills, which paid off.


I recently worked as a Camera Trainee on Martin McDonagh’s feature “The Banshees of Inisheer” on location in the Arran Islands and Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland.


I regularly work with a group of very talented up and coming Irish film-makers. Our collaborative efforts are produced under our company Quite Road Pictures.  My main role has been Focus Pulling/1st AC a skill I seem to excel at, where I was first commended on when at college.


I am constantly learning new skill’s related to film making or photography and try to expand my knowledge whenever I can.


I spend my free time moving around Dublin city, taking photos on the street. I don’t necessarily like big noisy, packed places and often find myself stepping to the side and observing the chaos around me. I love watching people and just acting like a fly on the wall, observing small actions, exchanges and looks between people. I find a sort of peace stepping out of that moment and watching it from the outside…taking a breath to stop and watch the world exist. Having my camera with me allows me to capture those moments of the human condition that continue to fascinate me.